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Saturday, November 28, 2009



(12-05) Russian Circles / Young Widows / Phantom Family Halo @ Gallery 5
Honestly the only band on this bill I actually know or care about seeing at this show is Young Widows so thats who i'm gonna talk about. Mad sweet experimental post hardcore from Louisville Kentucky I do believe. Studio albums are a fierce beast and i've heard quite similar things about their live performance. A most defiantly good way to spend your saturday night.

(12-06) Bowerbirds @ The Blue Nile (((HBURG)
Just in case you missed the Bowerbirds show at The Southern you have another opportunity to see them in virginia again (Harrisonburg style). The band flows of real hypnotic and enjoyable folk music and I couldn't recommend it anymore. Just go to the show n' shit

(12-09) A Sunny Day in Glasgow / Manorlady / Rhythm Bandit @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (CVILLE)
Sweet as fuck dream pop sounds are coming to the tea house. Don't know much about this band but from what i've skimmed it sounds real enjoyable (reminds me sort of the atlas sound project but with female vocals). Also on the bill is Manorlady, I have never actually listened to them but I hear they are a husband and wife dance duo who performance their music to a video of synchronized dancing (sounds fun right?). What im most excited about on this bill is my friend dylan (aka Rhythm Bandit). He recently played a show at my house (Costas Cave) and it was a total blast, seriously show up early and catch this guys set, he makes some real fuckin' sick dance beats

(12-11) Gary War @ The Boot (NORFOLKIN)))
Lo-Fi Noise Pop at The Boot. Considering the lack of shows that norfolk gets this should really be a no brainer of an event to attend if you live in the area. Gary War music might not be the most hard hitting of artists, but he makes real fun dance brain fucks that I have been sucking at the tit of these winter months.

(12-11 & 12-12) Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ The National / The Jefferson ((CVILLE AND WITCHMOND RESPECTFULLY))
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are playing 2 different shows in VA (The National in Richmond and The Jefferson in Charlottesville). Real fun Motown revival is this groups game-plan. I hear their show is a total blast but haven't experienced one yet for myself, hopefully I actually make it to one this time around.

(12-15) Tickley Feather / Birdlips / Nelly Kate @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar ((CVILLE))
MAD PUMPED FOR THIS SHOW. Saw Tickley Feather a couple years back up in Philly when she opened for Panda Bear. Was completely taken aback by her haunting yet beautiful synth songs, and then had to defend myself for the rest of the night to an audience who wasn't as receptive to the music. Its a real treat she's coming to Charlottesville, and hopefully people are on the bandwagon now so i don't feel like a fool this time around. Also on the bill Is Nelly Kate who makes these beautiful loopy folk songs that are in some ways quite similar to Tickley Feather. Overall this is a show not to miss // trust me on this one.

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