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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bowerbirds / Birdlips @ The Southern (11-27-09)

Bridlips started off the night in this double bill bird based show. Saw these guys a couple years ago at the teahouse either doing some supporting spot business or possibly it was a main act sort of thing. Maybe it was due to me not paying attention, or just being stubborn but I remember leaving that show was kind of mixed feelings about their set. I had felt that their music hadn't gone anywhere and wasn't out their enough for my taste at the time (a concept I now regret). Now its been a couple years and after the set last night im not exactly sure what i was being pissy about. The Birdlips have a very nice blend of acoustic guitar being added onto synths + hard hitting drum beats that is very catchy. Their not necessarily my favorite band but I enjoyed their set and now feel kind of bad for trashing on this band for the last couple years (my bad)

Bowerbirds where up next. Their sound is driven by guitar + accordion added with playful yet battered lyrics, and are yet another group in whatever you want to call this modern age folk movement. What I was most impressed about their set was the feeling of buzz-out ness that gets unleashed onto you What I mean by this is that during all thier songs you get almost hypnotized by their sound. Some of the songs don't always hit as hard as others, but its like a wave that goes up and down and you just cant help but get sucked in and watch it. Overall a really fun set from these guys and I would highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance (hint hint - their playing in Harrisonburg on December 6 @ The Blue Nile - check it out if you can)

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