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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yo July Has Concerts
Yo I Talk About Them

O Death @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl (07-08) ((richmond))
O'death are quite an interesting anomaly to the music scene right now. They easily float by in the sort of folk hype bubble that is the talk of this decade. But at the same time they have legit apalachin chops that they hold on their back. Really not sure how the duckpin bowling alley is gonna handle this show (only show I saw their didnt really work) but if any band could pull it off / it would be O'death

Abe Vigoda / Talbot Tagora @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl (07-13) ((richmond))
Ok so while I just said O'death was be the band to pull of a good show at the duckpin bowling alley - I kind of forgot that Abe Vigoda was gonna be play their as well. This band has just seemed unstoppable since they released Skeleton back in 08 (incredible record if you haven't checked it out). Was real bummed that I missed their set at the Pom Hole back last summer / so hopefully they still have it when they stop by richmond in a coupe weeks................seriously though i'm not that worried.

Castanets @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (07-14) ((charlottesville))
Castanets is a musician who people have been telling me to check out for a while / but I never did get around to it till I heard that he was doing a show in the tea house. From what I have heard - I think i'm digging this guys stuff. Seem very connected to that modern folk revival that fits C-Ville so well. Should be a good way to spend a tuesday night.

Blevin Blectum / Wobbly / Jonathan Zorn @ The Bridge (07-24) ((charlottesville))
Blevin Blectum for those who don't know makes some real sick nasty glitch dance songs. It's a genuine treat to have her play in C-Ville. Also looks like the supporting cast of the night should also be worth checking out as well. Should be a real good night of chilldance music ((yes chilldance is a word))

My Bloody Valentine @ The National (07-30) ((richmond))
It's My Bloody Valentine in Richmond / Neff Said

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