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Monday, June 29, 2009

EAR PWR @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (06-29-09)

First off sadly Adventure, the original touring partner for EAR PWR was sadly for some reason off the bill of the show (something about tour fatigue I believe). Even though this was a downer (dawg puts on a tight show) I was still mad excited to see EAR PWR play live in C-Ville

First act of the night was a local act called Bear War. They put on a chill (((INDIE?))) dance set. Honestly their set really didn't do anything for me, but at the same time I feel badly about being so apathetic to the whole thing. It was a set for what I assume is a young bang trying to figure out how to play live / I just really cant hate on that.

After that EAR PWR took the stage. These guys put on a real fun fluffy dance set. Id you've read anything about this band you know that they are part of that huge Wham City hub (I believe their originally from North Carolina / however they now live in Baltimore - so Wham City tag it is) The subject matter is very much Cute4FUCK (u know' singing about cats / sparkley sweaters / water-slides / etc etc). At the same time the beats and energy from theses guys is totally intense and not something to underestimate. It makes bodies fly and makes many young white kids dance in a more or less embarrassing fashion. Basically set really was the perfect way for someone to spend my monday / a shame about Adventure / but really I have no complaints.

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