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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Show Showers



Global Distance
Radiator Greys
Pregnant Spore
Flesh Control
@ Strange Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 6PM // Ends 9pm (EARLY SHOW)

A good old fashioned afternoon noise romp at Strange Matter. Global Distance & Radiator Greys are out of town bands that I really don't know much about but I hear do a real real good sonic electronic sound sort of thing. Pregnant Spore is Justin Marc Lloyd from Mayo Maryland and he does a real solid frantic powerviolence noise romp that is always killer. Rounding out the bill is Flesh Control which is Leo Heinzel a RVA noise beast who always kills it with his sets. Definitely a great way to spend the afternoon for sure.

200 Years (Mems Of: Six Organs Of Admittance / Magik Markers)
@ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (CHARLOTTESVILLE)

This should be a really killer tea house show. Saw Ben Chasney play with Elisa Ambrogio a couple years back when she backed his Six Organs Of Admittance project at the UVA Chapel, and the set they put on was contained some of most beautiful guitar work layering by Ben Chasney with Elisa Ambrogio of noise rock group Magik Marrkers adding noise rock quality to the music creating some of the most mind blowing music around. I really haven't listened to much of their new project 200 Years, but if its anything like that show I saw a while back your in for a real treat. Also Playing is Arborea & Virago who both seem to be apart of the psych folk new wave folk stuff that has been getting big since the early 2000's.


One Eyed Doll
The Milkstains
@ Strange Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 9PM

Written so many write ups about these guys I'm not what else their is to say. Originally Japanese now Brooklyn Based party garage punk rock band that puts on a real good ruckus live set that is as fierce as it is fun. Ramones styled brash punk being mixed with stage tricks such as human bowling, conga lines, and containers of kitchen supplies for the crowd to bang on. If your in the mood for a really fun and hyper active rock show then this is definitely going to be one to check out. Also playing Is One-Eyed Doll a rock act from Austin Texas as well as The Milkstains a Richmond punk act that I seem to constantly miss.


High Wolf
Flood Beast
@ Strange Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 9PM

I'm really quite excited for this show. Been listening to High Wolf for a while now and have been really impressed by this project. Psyched out ambient noise jams that are as beautiful as they are menacing. Its a real treat that this act is coming through Richmond, especially since that they are from France and don't play in the states often. Rounding up the bill is Chicaloyoh who is also from France and does a sort of similar noise n dance sort of project. Also on the bill is Mutwawa which fits quite nicely with this whole dance noise theme of the evening. Hypnotic drum sampled beats with pedal jockeying creates some of the best music that is being made in Richmond right now. Rounding out the bill is Flood Beast which is Josh Russell of Caves Caverns who does a sludgy noisy thing that is always enjoyable. I really cant recommend this show more highly enough, this is a not to miss show folks, just sayin'.

Washed Out
@ The National (RICHMOND)
Doors: 7PM

I remember when this act starting getting mega hyped a couple years back I remember their being a lot of backlash to it, seemed to be a bunch of older people in their youth getting made at a new generation of dance music to me but maybe that is an over simpilzation of the situation. I really didn't get all that into Washed Out's career or listen yet to his LP he put out last year but what I can tell you is that the set he put on back In 2009 at the tea house when he had Small Black back him up was a super sweet dance show. Not sure if he still has a band, or how this show is gonna work in such a big venue as The National but if its anything like the show a couple years back it should still be an enjoyable positive sort of dance fest. Also playing is Memoryhouse, a sort of similar new aged faded dance project that I remember seeing on a bunch of blogs a while back but just never gotten around to checking out. Looks to be a fun show and should end early enough that you can catch most of the High Wolf show at Strange Matter.


Sharon Van Etten
Flock Of Dimes
The Cinnamon Band
@ Jefferson Theater (CHARLOTTESVILLE)
Doors: 8PM

This looks to be quite the folky show here. Sharon Van Etten came to Charlottesville a couple years back and from word of mouth put on quite a good show at the tea house (minus the frat kids smoking hookahs and talking way to loud). Since then she has put out some new albums and has created quite a buzz for herself. Also playing is Jenn Wasner Wye Oak who I believe I saw this solo set when I played show up in Baltimore a couple years back (I think she was using a different name for the project at the time). If its like the set i saw expect a sort of noisy one man looped out folky rocky set. Finishing out the bill is The Cinnamon Band that is a fairly solid and consistent act from Staunton VA that always puts on an enjoyable set.


Ed Askew (Acid Folk Legened)
Pull My Daisy
Jonathan Vassar
@ Steady Sounds Records (RICHMOND)
Doors: 6PM // Ends By 9PM

I'm really quite psyched for this show. Ed Askew is a legendary Folk artists who mainly did his work in the late 60's and put out two of the greatest albums of the American acid folk movement with the releases of Ask The Unicorn & Little Eyes. I really don't know what's been up with his material as of now but I know that Drag City recently repressed his album Imperfection that was recorded in 1986 but hadn't been put on vinyl till now. His music style is usual real beautiful far out lyrical wordplay, that is as whimsical as it is honest mixed with beautiful guitar work and hypnotic harpsichord playing. I'm really not sure what his music is still like now but I think it should be defiantly and interesting show and a good excuse to go over to steady sounds records (one of the best record stores around). Also on the bill is Pull My Daisy & Jonathan Vassar two bands I honestly don't know anything but if they are on this bill probably are worth checking out.


Young Widows
Post Teens
Lost Tribe
@ Strange Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 9PM

Young Widows are coming through town meaning a fairly solid noise post rock coming through Richmond yet again (definitely be at this one if you haven't seen them before). Post Teens I haven't gotten around to listening to but I know has members of Asshole Parade in it which is a fairly awesome raunchy hardcore band, as well as members of Torche. Metz is an act based out of Toronto and from word of mouth does a really awesome Noise Rock styled thing. Rounding out the bill is Richmond's Lost Tribe who does a freaky gothed synthed punk rock thing that love it or hate it is in a league of its own.


Shadrock Music Festival
@ Brown's Island (RICHMOND)
Doors: Noon

I'm quite excited that Richmond is going to have what's looks to be quite an interesting nusic festival this year. Their are some real solid classic bands playing this show that just everybody knows about (from hip hop classics like De La Soul, to Yo La Tengo doing thieir solid n stable garage rock work). Couple more interesting new bands that are on the bill are the Dum Dum Girls which is a newish garage rock project centered around a sort of 60's Shang Ra Las styled jingle jangle band. Also playing is Shabazz Palaces one of the more interesting hip hop groups around right now. Mix of free flow hip hop from Palaceer Lazaro of Digable Planets mixed with interesting world music tendencies from Tendai Maraire that is down right awesome music. More info for the festival can be found here. Looks to be kind of an expensive event but a good one though, worth going if you have the money.


The Catalyst
@ Strnage Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 9PM

I honestly haven't gotten much into Racebannon's studio albums but i've seen their live videos online and hear that their set last time they came through Richmond was quite a crazy and ruckus show. Their music seems to be similar in style to other 90's freak out projects like Arab On Radar or US Maple. Also playing is The Catalyst who even though i've been living in Richmond for quite a while now I have actually never seen before (supposedly they are a 3 piece now and are still quite good). Rounding out the bill is Midzhur who i've never seen either but i hear does a noisy powerviolence noise rock sort of thing. Looks to be a fairly good show to freak out to folks.


A$AP Rocky
Schoolboy Q
@ Jefferson Theater (CHARLOTTESVILLE)
Doors: 7:30 PM

If you've been keeping up with the new wave of hip hop or caught his set in Richmond back in February then you know what's this show is going to be about. Real interesting beat production by Clams Casino and other acts with a huge possy of Harlem rappers doing their thing and having fun while they do it. This isn't hip hop for lyrical growth, this is hip hop for the moment. Also playing is Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul who I have never heard of before honestly, but literally just off the strength of A$ap Rocky this show is worth going to.

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