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Sunday, December 4, 2011



What up holiday times
Sure these times are busy but there is some real good shows going down in Virginia
Down below is a guide to what I think looks like the best shows
More shows listed on the calendars if you don't like what you see


The Cinnamon Band
Doors: 9PM

This should be a fairly common sense show here. Gull is a one man mask wearing drumming machine who always puts on an excellent show. I haven't actually seen The Cinnamon Band since they opened for Ariel Pink in Charlottesville back in 2008 and honestly don't remember much about them but I remember it being a solid drum rock duo thing. I also know they did a tour with Handsome Furs a couple years back so that right there is a great vote of talent right there.


Great Dads
Winston Cup 1981
@ Twisted Branch Tea Bazzar (CHARLOTTESVILLE)
Doors: 9PM

This one looks be a super sick tea house show. Great Dads is now a Pysch Rock Drum hybrid featuring Adam Smith of Invisible Hand and Steve Snider of Golden Glasses that is sheer awesome energy. Also playing is Hume who where once a DC Freak Rock band who I now think are based in NYC and are real tight live. Lets be honest there aren't many shows of this caliber going on in Charlottesville this winter so I highly recommend checking this one out.


The Blonde Tube
@ GRH Clubhouse (RICHMOND)
Doors: 9PM

GRH Clubhouse is doing another show so you know this is gonna be something sick. Gull is headlining this and as you know he's one of the best in the drumming freak game around. Nurse Beach is also on the bill who rarely play shows yet alone shows in richmond so I'm psyched to see them bring there Noise Rock breakdowns to RVA. I have no clue who the other bands are but I'm fairly sure they will be something of interest.

Lord By Fire
Queen Elephantine
Bubonic Bear
@ Strange Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 9PM

Zoroaster is a very solid Sludge Metal act very similar in sound to Richmond's own Cough. I've heard lots of people talking about this act before so I'm fairly confident in the credibility of this act. All the other bands on the bill from my listening of them seem to fit nicely with the Southern Sludge style of Zoroaster so if your in the mood for a metal show this night then this is the place to be for sure.

Ghost Of Pop 7
@ Gallery 5 (RICHMOND)
Doors: 7:30PM

I'll be honest I've never heard of Ghost Of Pop before but this should be a fairly solid Gallery 5 show. Young Adult Fiction, The Trillions and a bunch of other RVA locals are playing on the cheap (show is only 5 dollars) and will doing 90's backed garage rock. So if your in Richmond and looking for a chill rock show why not go to this one.

Gospel Girl
Black Hills
@ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (CHARLOTTESVILLE)
Doors: 9PM

Gospel Girl is ex Black Kids musician Owen Holmes doing basement style folk songs in a similar vein of Calvin Johnson and other artists on that K Records but with more of a pop based sound. Its a real treat that he his playing such an intimate venue as the tea house so that in itself should already make this show going to but then there is more. Also playing is Charlottesville's own Manorlady who are now a two piece and do a real solid Shoegaze rock thing. Basically Charlottesville this is where you want to be this Saturday night, don't skip out on this one.


PC Worship
Kill Your Brain
Doors: 9PM

PC Worship is very awesome NYC based Experimental Pysch Rock band who is coming down to be play the Blue Nile. If that wasn't enough reason to come out to this show also Malatese is playing who is a very awesome Garage Punk band from Harrisonburg that from the the time I saw them but on a very enjoyable set. Take some time off studying and be at this one folks.


Atlas Sound
@ The National (RICHMOND)
Doors: 7PM

This show right here should be a real treat. Atlas Sound (aka Bradford Cox of Deerhunter) makes real incredible ambient singer songwriter soundscapes that are supposed to be real amazing live. Also playing are Balkans & Carnivoresm two lo-fi rock acts from Atlanta Georgia that both sound real sick to my ears. Definitely be at this one if you've got the cash and time, should be blast.


The Diamond Center
@ Strange Matter (RICHMOND)
Doors: 10PM

Woods is a super sick Brooklyn jammed out psych lo fi rock act that is well know to put on a very excellent live show and it is very awesome there coming through Richmond during this holiday season to play. Also playing is Richmond locals The Diamond Center who I haven't seen before but are supposed to be an excellent local act. Finishing off the bill is MMOSS who is very similar in style to Woods psyched out jam rock style and should fit real nicely on the bill

La Mere Vipere
Buck Gooter
Thrones Of Deceit
@ Little Grill (HARRISONBURG)
Doors 8PM

This one should be an interesting one. Buck Gooter is easily my favorite band in Harrisonburg hands down. Real crazy 2 man noise rock alien freak out sounds that are just mind-blowing, so if you haven't seen these guys before do yourself the favor and see these guys live. Also playing is Le Mere Vipere who even though I've been living in Richmond I've actually never caught live before, but i hear there live show is solid. Also this show is at Little Girl which is super amazing restaurant in itself, so why not get some great local food and see some awesome music.

The Super Vacations
PC Worship
Invisible Hand
The Larchmont Trash
You're Jovian
@ Belmont House Of Smokes (NORFOLK)
Doors: 9PM
$SEVEN$ for one day // $TEN$ for both days

Day one of SHDWPLY Records 2 day showcase series with a lot of great bands. The Super Vacations, PC Worship & Invisible hand are all really awesome garage rock acts and are playing this one (Super Vacations & Invisible Hand being from Virginia as well). I have no clue what Belmont House Of Smokes is but I assume its a BBQ joint so why not go out to this show and grab some food and watch some good rock music.


Eternal Summers
The Mirrors
White Laces
Glass Pennies
@ Belmont House Of Smokes (NORFOLK)
Doors: 9PM
$SEVEN$ for one day // $TEN$ for both days

Day two of SHDWPLY Records showcase series. Eternal Summers are headlining this show and is easily one of my favorite bands in Virginia right now. They do an amazing jingle jangle garage rock pop that is seriously in a league of its own.. Also playing is White Laces which is a solid RVA rock act that I hear is coming as its own as a live act. Lots of other bands also on the bill who I assume are also of interest. Lets be honest there isn't much going on in Norfolk these days so why not go out and check this out.




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