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Thursday, August 11, 2011


two sweet shows tonight

one is in lovely little charlottesville

8PM @ AL HAMRAA in the Frank IX building

who are actually now just BLEEKER & THE FREAKS
alex bleeker is a member of REAL ESTATE the new jersey chilled out psych rock outfit
and he and his freaks will be performing song along the same lines except that they
will be a bit more country influenced, excited to see what's in store.

also playing is a new york group is on tour with Alex Bleeker called FLOWER ORGY
I like the name, but haven't hear the stuff. fuckin go and you'll know.

local dood ANDREW CEDERMARK will also co-headline with is backing band Buffalo Wild Wing which is jacob wolf on bass (ex- extraordinaires + man behind Holy Smokes Booking), and kevin haney on drums (in numerous projects like NURSE BEACH and GRAVES)
andrew used to be in this band called TITUS ANDRONICUS and now lives quietly in charlottesville unless he's rocking the stage for his solo music. He Rule's.

and I'm actually playing this show with a group called
we are three ultimate losers
adam smith who plays guitar and writes music for the band INVISIBLE HAND
scott ritchie bassist for INFINITE JETS
and me dylan I play drums


in sunny Richmond, Virginia

is the last show for a couple folks who were on a 3 month tour and I wish you support them because they rule!

amazing double acoustic guitar
goes into insane regions beyond belief
stimulation the roots of your psyche
Daniel is from Fredricksburg Virginia
and plays solo under the name "Sacred Harp"
Ryley is from Chicago, they slay together.

synthesize the rebellion to your inner stillness
movement into the new beyond
michael collins he used to play with a band called prince rama
now he's on an inner and outer battle as a solo man squared

unknown mortal mystery

all playing a house show in richmond

these guys came over to charlottesville last night to play the last show I put together at the magnolia house and it was a very fun but strange crazy night. Ryley Walker Daniel Bachman and Veedon Fleece didn't actually end up getting to play but RESPECT 2 THE UNIVERSE



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