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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 // BEST OF

Sorry this list is late
Been mad crazy busy during these winter holidays
But finally here it is
A top ten albums and concerts list
(some shows in VA // some shows not)
Anyhow -- this is how I (Andy) saw it this year


(10) Teengirl Fantasy 7AM
One of the many new and deranged dance groups who have been sludigng up the market with there cough syrup haze of music and understanding of how to mix long forgotten 80's rhythm with new age noises and beats. 7AM is catchy as can be, and perfect for those warm southern summer nights, with your sweet tea in one hand and your humidity in the other.

(9) Eternal Summers: Silver
Easily one of the best Lo-Fi Rock Pop acts out right now and from oddly enough Roanoke Virginia. Playful but brash female vocals being backed with slick garage rock hits on the drum. This album perfectly captures the fun and energy of their live shows and is hands down one of my favorite rock albums of the year.

(8) Julian Lynch: Mare
Laid back summer psych folk that is infused with many layers of different musical genres. A record that never really settles but seems to ooze around in your mind after you listen to it, always coming alive in different ways. Easily my favorite release from the Underwater Peoples label (which is saying something, mad tight label), as well as one of the best folk albums in a long time.

(7) Sufjan Stevens; The Age Of Adz
After a long hiatus, Sufjan Stevens finally comes back and with a record that was definitely worth the wait. By combing the electronic erraticness of his 2001 album " Enjoy Your Rabbit" with his emotional driven vocals from his other albums, Sufjan Stevens has created a record that is as beautiful as it is sorrowing. There is a good chance this record has gotten more hype than necessary, but it defiantly deserves a place on my list.

(6) Dustin Wong: Let Go
Easily the album i listened to most this summer. Dustin Wong (aka ex Ponytail & Ecstatic Sunshine) creates very playful guitar work that gets looped with other guitar sounds to create a cascading almost greater than life spiritual feel to his music. If you caught his set at the Tea Bazaar this fall or some other time this year you definitely know what I'm talking about.

(5) The Body All The Waters Of The Earth Shall Turn To Blood
Best and most diverse metal record of this year for sure. Heavy hitting drums with typical raw metal vocals being organically added with a 13 person choir, noise and extra drum procession, saxophone, etc. There ability to keep with doom metal but have these elements flow with it in such an fluid way truly makes this record a very heavyl and enjoyable one.

(4) Toro Y Moi: Causers Of This
This one feels like a weird album to put on a best of 2010 list considering it feels like a part of 2009 to me (this album came out in 2010, his demo compilation came out in the summer of 09). Even with my mind caught up in some confusion on only one year nostalgia this record is easily the most enjoyable effort from the quote unquote Chillwave genre (bad genre name // cant think of better one). 80's haze vocals being backed with varied genre samples creates dance music that can be enjoyed for its rhythm as well as layers of sounds. Good to dance to, good to nod your head to, a record that defiantly lived up to all the hype it got.

(3) Sword Heaven: Gone
Easily one of my favorite noise groups out right now. Abrasive drums being combined with noise vocals (contract mic is taped to the throat of the drummer who uses the vibrations of his throat to basically abuse you) with noise pedals and various everyday objects turned into instruments of noise. This band I feel like has slipped under the radar some, and is defiantly worth listing to for any curious party.

(2) Beach Fossils: Beach Fossils
One of the many bands who did Lo-Fi Beach Pop Rock with vocals reverbed all the way this year. If your not a fan of this style then this record wont change your mind, but if you did enjoy it this record perfectly captures this feel of this music. It sounds of nostalgic past and misdirected life create very hitting if still simple rock songs that easily hold there weight.

(1) Future Islands: In Evening Air
There is no record I played more and enjoyed more this year then the new Future Islands LP. With soaring tangled lyrics with minimal but filling electronic beats created one of the most impressive records i've heard in a long time. Each song on this album is stellar, and all the songs together feel so full and back each other up so nicely. If you haven't listened to this one yet I whole heartily recommend checking it out, I doubt you will be disappointed


(10) Kania Tieffer / CJ Boyd / Raw Moans @ Magnolia (10-05-10)

(9) Ed Schrader @ Whartscape (07-24-10)

(8) Julian Lynch / Raw Moans @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (07-07-10)

(7) Sword Heaven @ Cafe Bourbon Street (03-19-10)

(6) Lighitng Bolt / Buildings / Mccaw @ DC9 (06-30-10)

(5) Floor / Municipal Waste / Supression @ Strange Matter (06-27-10)

(4) Sewn Leather @ Whartscape (07-24-10)

(3) Julianna Barwick / Eluvium @ DC9 (05-17-10)

(2) Liturgy @ The Triple (03-30-10)

(1) Aa / Screens @ Comet Ping Pong Pizza (03-13-10)

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