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Friday, November 19, 2010

NEW MUSIC :: BUCK GOOTER :: "The Banquet"


I'm a big fan of Billy and Terry's realm of majesty. This duo from Harrisonburg stands out from the rest. Hope you enjoy the visualization of their new track "the banquet" & you can catch them perform it live coming up on SUNDAY DECEMBER 5TH around 9PM @ MAGNOLIA ((507 10TH STREET "corner of 10TH and PRESTON" in Charlottesville, VA)) they will be playing with the child of witchmond's Andy Dunlap and Dylan Mulshine.. RAW MOANS /also I LOVE YOU (kansas city star-shine) / and philly's BUOYANT SEA

here's a event link and for directions to MAGNOLIA email:: musicmakingmachine@gmail.com or call:: 4342841109



1 comment:

Meade Skelton Haufe said...

Buck Gooter is really fine and dandy! I have played many shows with them. Billy can really put on a show and Terry writes great tunes. So proud to have worked with them.