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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NEW VIDEO from INVISIBLE: Rhythm 1001

not sure if your ready for this...

"Mark Dixon and Bart Trotman of INVISIBLE, a musical performance art group, make music with their homemade drum machine, Rhythm 1001. Special Special thanks to Jonathan Henderson for shooting the "In The Future" segment, Jon Mclean for the green screen and camera, and Barak Karabin, and Dusty Keene for the use of a nice editing machine. Definitely couldn't have made the video without these folks."

an all analog drum machine// meaning there's a controller that controls all mechanically operated objects NO SAMPLES FO BEATS MOFO///

here's their new video

INVISIBLE: Rhythm 1001 - "War of the Ants"

stoked. I wanna see them BUT they don't play too often.. it takes hours to set up their MONSTER OF A MACHINE! Here's a LIVE vid of them in Charlottesville, VA actually, at the 2nd Gallery///



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