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Thursday, July 8, 2010



B L A C K I E / Limb / Rhythm Bandit / Mutwawa @ The Triple (06-25-10)

Walked in right as Mutwawa where starting there set. I have been really eager to see these guys after catching a video of them playing up on Vimeo. There sound is very similar to that of ex Hampton now RVA'S Head Molt, which isn't much of a surprise considering that Gary of Head Molt is in the group. However this project has less of a harsh building atmosphere that Head Molt goes for. Instead the sound of this group is a little more playful, which might be due to having Jason Hodges of Bermuda Triangles on board as well. Both members were dressed up in avant-garde almost new age outfits that add a sense of other worldliness to the presentation of their band. Im definitely quite excited to see what happens with this project, nothing really makes me more excited in life then some solid solid noise

Limb was up after that. I was honestly quite impressed by there set, especially considering that I had been kind of underwhelmed by the music that was on their Myspace. Unlike the music up for free on the internet their material live was on some sort of other level. Real over the place and hard hitting procession being thrown on top of various abstract and noisy samples. it was one of those sets where while the sound didn't exactly change throughout much of the set it was a complete rush to the body and i real joy to see live. Definitely check out these guys, there music is really awesome and more people need to know about them

B L A C K I E played next. Was really excited to find out that he was coming back to Richmond after hearing that he had put on a really tight set last summer when he played in Richmond (which sadly I missed due to spending that summer in CVILLE). Dawg put on a great set of 20 minute loud and vicious noise backed well delivered hip-hop. With a super loud and hyper active presence, its hard to not be as engrossed in this guys show as well as being intimidated. This set was definitely quite amazing and hopefully he comes back again to richmond soon to deliver his unique style of hip-hop

Rhythm Bandit was up after that, and if you've read this blog you know that he is the shit (I may be biased due to the fact that he also writes for this site). Anyhow let me just get down to the brass tacks of what made this set quite amusing. It was your typical set of his in-till near the end when Rhythm Bandit thought it was a great idea to digest some alkazelser tablets and start foaming from the mouth, similar to that of a rabid animal. After that he started walking around the bar area pissing off the employes of The Triple, as well as while doing all these shenanigans he was trying to get on the bar. Needlessly to say this whole thing was quite hysterical and im quite happy that it has been documented (video is bellow in this massive post). definitely a fun set, as well as a set that I assume my have gotten rhythm bandit possibly banded from The Triple (maybe im wrong)


Floor / Municipal Waste / Suppression @ Strange Matter (06-27-10)

(cant remember where I found this photo online // I feel bad)

Found out about Floor a year ago after digging into more info about Torche after seeing them at Best Friends Day last year. Once I did I checked out s/t LP, also i think their only LP). I was impressed with there gold old fashioned building sludge metal. When I heard that they were doing a reunion tour I was disappointed to not see a show in VA. However to my surprise as well as many others a secret show was in the works for Richmond, which was announced day off the show. The word was spread and excitement was built.

Got to Strange Matter right as the group Suppression was starting there set. Didn't know much about the group beside that Jason Hodges was in it (dude from Bermuda Triangles, Mutwawa, etc), and that it was a grind rock sort of endeavor. Was generally impressed with the sets loose but hard hitting procession, with the various other erratic sounds that where thrown on top of it. Not sure if this is still a functioning group, or if this itself was sort of a reunion type of thing, but if Suppression is on the bill for a up coming show, I definitely recommend checking them out.

Municipal Waste were up next. While these guys are from Richmond and lots of people talk about them profusely, I honestly never listened to them that much (just not the biggest fan of thrash metal), however since they were on the bill for this show I saw absolutely no real reason not to check out their set, and luckily I did cause it was a general barrage of fun. Moshing, stage diving, various other antics to shown some sort of masculinity where all present. Basically it was very solid and exciting set. Not sure that if after there performance if i'm a fan of there studio material or not, but I can defiantly respect what these guys are doing, and can attest they they know how to put on a live show.

Floor came up shortly after and when they took the stage to get there gear in order you could easily feel the excitement inside the venue. From people chanting "holy shit" to people pushing others around to try to get to the front, there was a sense of a real event was about to take place. The show consisted of Floor playing a solid hour long set of constant hitting stoner n' sludge metal builds ups that where loud and conquering to the body. The set is kind of daze to explain due to my exhaustion at the show (no AC for this event) but the energy of the show was great, and it was seriously a real treat to have the ability to see these guys play live, so for who/whomevers got this show to happen, thank you very much.


Julian Lynch / Raw Moans @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (07-07-30)

I feel really odd trying to write a review for a set that I myself was in, but I do feel like I can at least write a run down of the group and event itself. Dylan Mulshine (aka Rhythm bandit) and I late at night a month ago decided to start a band called Raw Moans (a very sly play on words of Ramones). The concept was to play just a bunch of tape cassettes (preferably only Ramones tapes) and just make some fuck up noise. While the show last night differed from this concept some (no Ramones tapes where played, there is now vocals and some ass whack whiffle ball bat procession in the mix) it was still at its very core the concept we wanted to deliver. Not sure if everyone liked it but there seemed to be some satisfied people in the crowd and I throughly enjoyed it, i'm calling it a success in my book.

Julian Lynch was up shortly after, up front his set was not what i was expecting at all. Unlike the studio material of which I have heard he seems to make loose faded out folk based music. However his set last night was a combination of ambient looped sounds having various woodwind instruments being placed on top of or added to the ambient structure. While the set wasn't what i was expecting, it was definitely quite fulfilling. It was one of those performances that has a real engrossing nature to it, by this i mean it was a performance that put you in a trance like state with its almost hypnotic like effects. The sounds of his set just hit your body and you just move you. Definitely a great set and I sincerely recommend checking out Julian Lynch new record called "Mare", it easily is one of the best records so far put out in 2010.




Mutwawa - Live at The Triple - June 25, 2010 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Rhythm Bandit - Live at The Triple - June 25, 2010 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.



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