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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 16th 2010 :: POCAHAUNTED // SNACK TRUCK // Hot New Mexicans // Shitty Darkness // RHYTHM BANDIT @ Gallery5 :: Richmond, VA

I arrived at the Gallery5 in Richmond, VA just in time to set up my equipment and perform as RHYTHM BANDIT. Witchmond contributor Andy Dunlap may or may not review my shit , I had fun BUT I ain't gonna review my own set. Come see me for yourself on the 25th of June in RVA @ The Triple and/or the 26th of June @ the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville!

Up next was SHITTY DARKNESS then HOT NEW MEXICANS both touring from Athens, GA and sharing members.
SHITTY DARKNESS :: I had to go outside to cool off after playing when they started so I didn't get THE FULL FORCE, but I caught the last half and saw some solid yet sloppy rock and roll.
HOT NEW MEXICANS :: The next group up, I liked a bit more than the last maybe because I caught the full set, who knows. Here's my review.. Right after the critical release "Dookie" by the band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong's little brother decided to murder Billie Joe and take over the group as the front man. They took to playing a garage and honed their skills. Soon after they started sharing a practice space next to The Thermals and had that sound rub off on them a bit ...now here they are today! The singer had some great energy, and there was a few moments of well put instrument beating. Both bands to be honest were an odd fit for the night AND I probably would have had a better time in a different setting.
SNACK TRUCK :: So Fucking Good. If Someone said the words tribal hardcore you'd think of Snack Truck from Richmond, VA. These men are the American PROG-lodytes! Double drums are almost always awesome, BUT in this case it's even better. Nate sometimes known as GULL and also a member of ULTRA DOLPHINS is one of the two insane percussionists and you can see it in his face the raw emotion they put into performing. The guitar is sweeping, heavily layered with effects and fills all the gaps in the air, while the bass is hard loud and force-full. Best performance of the night.

POCAHAUNTED :: So, it has come to this. Hyped indie pop bands from LA are NEVER as good as they are in the studio. Which annoying because I usually really enjoy the studio material. This happened to me with BEST COAST. I traveled to the far away land of Harrisonburg, VA to witness the occult of MACRoCk 2010 AND one group I was excited about was BEST COAST, live she didn't hold up well to her rockin' studio material. Same deal with POCAHAUNTED/// you gotta love cute girls crooning with heavy reverb, what held the band together was the two dudes in the back / Guitar and Drums. Without them there wouldn't have been a discernible rhythm. The singing at times was way off AKA pitches not being hit correctly! There was some awful sound issues for their performance though that weren't under their control. By the end of their set on of the microphones had entirely crapped out, AND the whole thing generally didn't sound like it was mixed well. To inform you, I didn't leave miserable because they were grooving and having a laid back fun time and you could feel that in what they were doing, I definitely grooved with them. So they ended up getting the job done.

Yay! Gallery5!



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