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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Lava / The Sad Cobras / Eternal Summers / Family Trees @ Strange Matter (06-19-10)

Hot Lava (Task Master into Fleetwood Mac) from Todd Raviotta on Vimeo.

Family Trees from Brooklyn New York started out the night with a very solid and very laid back garage style rock set. Very simplistic percussion that almost reminded me of early White Stripes drumming being mixed with a sound very similar to that of the next band on the bill Eternal Summers (retro-tastic garage rock). It honestly wasn't the most complicated set, but it was defiantly an enjoyable way to start of the evening, and there is honestly nothing wrong with that.

Eternal Summers where up after them and there is a good change these guys stole the spotlight of the evening even though it was defiantly Hot Lava's night. I had seen these guys play a couple months back in Harrisonburg but was a little bummed due to them putting on a bit of underwhellming set (that set sounded good but felt like it lacked care due to about 10 people being at the show). Luckily there was more people at the attendance for there set at Strange Matter and there sound was definitely more together and forceful then my previous endeavor with them. Real awesome garage rock energy that had very amazing procession being mixed with a Deerhoof reminiscent twang in there vocals (yet not nearly as polarizing as Deerhoof tends to be, maybe this is a bad analogy). All in all it was a really great set and I definitely recommend checking these guys out if you haven't already, they really are one of the best bands in Virginia.

Not really sure what to say about the group The Sad Cobras. Most of the people at the venue seemed really into there set but I honestly wasn't really feeling it. There sound just never seemed to click and certain member(s) of the group seemed too drunk to be playing. Maybe if i knew there material before the show I could of enjoyed there drunken style rock set, but as stands I didn't see much in this group to connect to, maybe if I see them again it will make more sense.

Hot Lava's set for the night definitely had a different feel from the other times I have seen them play. This is fairly understandable due to this show being there last show in the conceivable future since some of the members of the group moving away. There set was still your typical Hot Lava sound (aka a mix of surf pop with garage rock esthetic). But they night also had a different energy than usual. It was a mix between a joyous energy and that of a mellon collie esc feeling. While this energy didn't necessarily fit the bands sound, it felt right considering the situation of the evening (aka it being there final show). Overall it was a fun set as well as a fun night of rock music. Defiantly interested to see what the members of this group do in other projects if other projects happen. Also really excited to see how Strange Matter grows as a venue, it really has so much potential to be the saving grace of the Richmond music scene.

1 comment:

Silver Persinger said...

I recorded Hot Lava acoustic set, earlier the same day at the "Summer Solstice Island Power Jam" that was held at Belle Isle in the James River at Richmond.

Cool video. http://vimeo.com/12716856

Be sure to check out the other bands Tyrannosaurus Awesome, Nervous Ticks, and Herschel Stratego.

I hope to have Cubbyhole and Diamond Center uploaded soon as well.