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Friday, June 4, 2010


here to let you in on a little inside hburg info.

Jeff the Brotherhood will be making an appearance at the Bangcock house this upcoming Monday, June 7 (903 S. High St.), if you're in the area I recommend stopping by.  They got dropped from their date in C'ville (C'MON CVILLE GET IT TOGETHER) but will be stopping here on the way through in attempt to make a little moolah.  $5 donation at the door.  DONATIONS OR DIE.

footage by katie struble... i think

Also, the day before that (Sunday, June 6), Dangerous Ponies will be stopping by 317 E. Liberty St. for a little house show action.  The group is no stranger to Harrisonburg, having come through here earlier in the year for MACROCK and a house show over on E. Market St.


1 comment:

Dylan Mulshine said...

Just saw Dangerous Ponies in Cville the other day. So good, check it out. Make sure to dance with THE LADIES!!!