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Friday, April 16, 2010

tune yards / photos / etc

Just got my disposable cameras developed // here are the highlights of what i've taken





Box Elders

Sword Heaven



Video of Tune-Yards from last night at The Canal Club

Last night I Saw Tune Yards at The Canal Club and it was a fairly enjoyable show. The crowd was really into it, almost to the point of suffocation (by that I mean various drunken gabber during the show while was complimentary was also just distracting from the show). Overall though Tune Yards has mad chops live and really seem to deserve all the buzz she has been getting recently.

Also hate me all you want but I didn’t stick around for Xiu Xiu’s set (im not a big fan and I had other things I wanted to do with my night). Oh and one more thing FUCK THE CANAL CLUB, I don’t know your name various women who works there but if you want to mock me about bringing water outside the venue at least have the decense to be sneaky about it and not insult me right to my face // seriously I’m sorry that you have to work at a venue that hosts bands like Breathe Carolina but there is no need to be such as ass (video evidence of how much Breathe Carolina sucks at the bottom for anyone that dares to know).

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