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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Box Elders @ Cafe Bourbon Street (o-hi-o) (03-15-10)

- (I will have a photo up once I get my camera developed // r.i.p. you piece of shit digital camera) -

So Dylan was a champ and missed the Box Elders show at the tea house (no opening acts - that shit is crazy). Luckily I saw them the night before in Columbus Ohio (SPRIN BREAK PARTY CENTRAL), so I can review the show I attended which I assume was fairly similar to the show that happened at the tea house (maybe i'm wrong n' shit)


I was straight up a little alarmed when I got to the venue and saw one of those silly no one under 21 is permitted signs on the door (i'm so tempted to make a fake ID to be able to get into some 21+ shows, but ill be 21 in May so fuck that). Anyway luckily I was able to get in (nobody was working the door) and that shit was sweet because it made it so i was able to have a fun night of garage rock revival music

So there was an opening act for this show but ill be honest I don't remember there name, and honestly they weren't really that great and I kind of have my doubts you will see them showing up in Virginia anytime soon. I don't want to be a dick and diss these guys to hard because they put on a respectable set of punkish rock music that seemed to be your typical local opening act set. Basically it didn't succeed but it didn't fail either, nothing else to say really.

Up next was Box Elders and it has seemed that there has been a lot of hype around these guys recently, and after seeing there this show I totally can see why. They put on a very fun and fast set of gritty yet poppy rock songs, that has a very appreciative twist in this garage rock revival hype-machine by adding the sound of one of those sweet old school electronic air organ pianos into there sound. They just delivered a fairly no thrills yet intense rock set that it was just a lot of fun. Overall a fairly good night, but a night that could of been better if more people had been more into there set (just in case anyone was curious // nobody dances in Ohio either // hopefully people were rocking out at the tea house show).

- (((ANDY)))

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