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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gunslingers // Liturgy

(((pic of Liturgy from the Scion Festival // yea I still don't have a digital camera)))

Gunslingers / Caves Caverns @ Couch Heaven (03-30-10)

Been real stoked on seeing this show for a while considering that (A) from reading online it sounded like Gunsligners put on a sick set of really good harsh punk psychedlic rock, and (B) because it has 2 members of Aluk Toledo in the group, one of the the better metal groups ive heard in quite a while (who I sadly missed there last show they played in richmond // silly homework) anyway luckily got into the show after figuring out how to get into the building (silly back door entrance system - how could i not realize that right away) and saw a totally sick show

Caves Caverns starting playing right as I walked into the show. While I sort of have a negative feeling towards this group (due to one of the members, don't remember his name, a while back calling both me and my brother faggots at the These Are Powers show last year). However even with all that bullshit aside these guys definitely put on a really sick show. Totally buzzed out rock that just seemed to sweetly swirl around the room and numb the body in a very good way. Kind of hard set to really pin down but defiantly quite enjoyable. Im chill with putting my negative feelings aside and just assume that however in the group called me a faggot was drunk as fuck (we chill bro - we chill).

After Caves Caverns was Gunslingers, and straight up these guys put on a really sick set. Totally out there garage rock being brought together by an incredible hard hitting procession and just tight musicianship. Insert into the glorious music was a barrage of harsh just totally clicking vocalize that add a feeling of almost cascading energy into the show. Even though not many people at the show were dancing as hard as they should of been there was definite good vibes come out of everyone and made for an enjoyable not of rocking out and just having a general good time.

Liturgy @ The Triple (03-31-10)

Lets be upfront people, I literally only showed up and stayed for Liturgy's set. I mean no disrespected to the other groups playing the show but I had to leave the show to come back home and get some sleep so that I could finish up some school work in the morning (this whole excuses seems kind of null and void now due to me staying awake to write this review but you know.....)

Anyway this show was easily the best metal show that I have seen in quite some time as well as being one of, if not the best set I have so far seen this year. Just a brilliant mind melting set of blistering drums and guitars being added upon almost ambient yet yelling loud as shit vocals. When they started playing there set I couldn't help but just start shaking almost like having an convulsion and this didn't stop tell the end of there set. SERIOUSLY FOLKS // CHECK THESE GUYS OUT // SO FUCKING GOOD

Yo i'm going to bed now // peace out planet earth

- andy

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