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Thursday, March 25, 2010

cville///tonight///pattern is actually movement with dbb playing cups, a horse's mouth: and andrew cedermark///

So yeah, charlottesville... tonight go see this show at the twisted branch tea bazaar

PATTERN IS MOVEMENT :: pure awesome / two dudes with beards / amazing electric piano w/ acrobatic vocals / solid pounding drums / they have a tour only EP you should pick up!

DBB Plays Cups :: David Baker Benson & friends. they sunk the titanic / or something or other.

Horse's Mouth :: Lead singer Tavo Carbone brings about some sweet and sour music. I saw them play at the tea haus once before and was captivated by the subtle weirdness.

Andrew Cedermark :: lofi-rock badass from NJ / used to be in titus andronicus / has an upcoming split with cville's own Drunk Tigers! look what that pitchfork blog wrote about him


just saw Joanna Newsom yesterday. she was beautiful. as was her voice. as was everything. all the intrumentation was on point, kick ass drummer, kick ass arranger. Fred Armissen tore shit up as an opener with his act Jens Hannemen. Still not sure how I feel about her new material. I kinda like that she's toned down her crazy voice of her earlier work. but I'd rather hear both her music and her vocals be strong than her focus being more on her vocals. I think Ys is my favorite album, which she reminded me when she played "Monkey & Bear." a very special evening. ANDY'S GONNA GIT YOU A REAL REVIEW S
OON cause he wen't all tha way to dc, that made it possible for him to see deerhunter/spoon/strangeboys in RVA last night. he'll get you a review of that one too. stick a needle in my Ys!!! Bad Joke bad joke bad joke bad joke bad joke bad joke.

here's a video by GARY CANINO! of Fred Armisen joining Joanna Newsom for a rendition of "good intentions" ...never would have guessed this would happen.

p.s. please preorder yo tickets for gang gang dance in cville this monday! cause witchmond's own RHYTHM BANDIT(me) is on the bill.



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