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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nosaj Thing / Daedalus / Jogger @ Xscape Lounge (02-24-10)

When this show got announced I was a little confused about how to feel about it. While I love the work that both Nosaj Thing and Daedalus make, I was kind of baffeled by the venue choice. I had heard of to many various stories of "A" typical college frat and hip hop DEEP dance shows taking place their (shows that dont fit the feel of both Nosaj Thing or Daedalus) however this venue choice wasnt gonna stop me from attending the show. To be upfront in the end this venue choice wasnt that much a problem (beside for a mix of few drunken baffons, one actually piss drunk aggressively pushing my friend aruond, however this excursion wasn't i don't believe is to be blamed on the venue necessarily). and the night was a good night of dance sounds.

The show started of with the group Jogger. There sound was a mix of typical LA break beat glitch that had bass set way to high and an odd mix of emo n' metal style vocals that were mixed way to low due to whoever was in charge of the soundboard not seeming to care about sound due to it being a dance show. With this odd mix of vocals and bad bass it was hard to ever see a flow really ever develop. The band seemed to have some interesting sounds mixed into there set, and it wasn't a completely lack luster set, it just wasn't a set that ever seemed to move me.

Nosaj Thing was up next, and his set more or less delivered his style to a "T". Overall the set was a real nice mix of minimalist breakbeat sounds infused with real good laid back LA dance beats. The first half of his set seem like a sweet stuffing of his studio material, with the 2nd part of the set seeming more like a Nosaj Thing style sounds being added with various less interesting mash ups style sounds. Overall it was a very sick DJ set, now if only people would start dancing at concerts more often.

Daedalus was last on the bill. While this dawg has some sick muttonchops his overall sound was just to murky and never seemed to fully find a flow. His sound seemed more like trying to appease to a more common denominator instead of trying to make experimental dance music like he used to back 5 plus years ago. Overall the set was still solid and enjoyable to listen to but i wasn't particularly that thrilled by the overall sound of it either

Overall the show was fun, nothing groundbreakin', but total solid dance sounds, thats all there is to say.

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