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Saturday, January 30, 2010


(02-05) Cold Cave / Nite Jewel / Bear War @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (((CVILLE)))
This show is definitely a must see event. Cold Cave is a real sick New Order esc synth group that put out the best gloom dance album of 09. They also have a dream team of various experimental artists coming together and making sweet music (in particular Dominick Fernow aka Prurient). Also on the bill is Nite Jewel who reminds me of a female ariel pink sort of thing. Also on the bill is Bear War who is one of the better up in coming groups in Cville right now that puts on a really sick synth rock sort of thing. ATTEND ATTEND ATTEND ATTEND

(02-06) Richmond Jazz Festival @ The Camel
Don't know much about all the bands on the bill but i do know that Tim Berne makes some real slick improv free jazz. Should definitely be a fun way to spend a saturday night in richmond

(02-17) Beach Fossils / The Beets / Christmas Island @ The Blue Nile (((HBURG)))
3 really sick lazy dazed out rock groups are coming to Harrisonburg. Chill shit all around - just go and get laid back

(02-19) Mission Of Burma @ University Of Richmond
Not exactly sure my feelings on this show. I really enjoy the original version of this group, very sick noise no wave punk. However the reunion version of this group is something i've been less impressed by, they seem to be a slower and less relevant version of themselves. Still definitely a show to look into, just not sure how good their live show is going to be. There is also Dinowalrus and some other good local bands playing at the triple that night if your looking for something cheaper to do

(02-24) Nosaj Thing / Daedelus / Jogger @ Xscape Lounge
Triple treat of really good DJs from LA who all in some sort of fashion seem to be channeling this new glitch laid back sort of dance style. I don't know much about the Xscape Loundge but the lineup looks pretty excellent. Should be a really good Dance Party (((the cville show got canceled if anyone was still curious about that one))))

(02-26) These Are Powers / Jeff The Brotherhood / Field Day @ JMU Memorial Hall & Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
These Are Powers for those who don't know are a sick noise rock dance project. Saw them in richmond last winter and they put on a really sick memorable show. Also on the bill is Jeff The Brotherhood who does a rowdy punky rock duo sort of thing which was quite enjoyable when i saw them open for Shonen Knife. Field Day is also playing this show who I know nothing about, but i've heard from people they put on a fun show

(02-27) These Are Powers / Rhythm Bandit / Jeff The Brotherhood / Andrew Cedermark @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
So these are powers are sweet - I think my friend dylan is opening this show - people should attend this shit

-UPDATE- Jeff The Brotherhood & Andrew Cedermark are also on the bill for this show // both are sick rock acts of different styles (jeff = garage rock revival - andrew = fuzz out modern rock) // STRAIGHT UP ATTEND THIS SHOW


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi. If you make another upcoming shows list, you could include this show:
Title Tracks (ex Q And Not U. from DC)
Pretty & Nice (from Boston)
Last Century (Richmond)
Show is at Gallery 5 on March 2 at 7PM. The Gallery 5 website is selling advance tickets.