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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shonen Knife / Jeff The Brotherhood / Hex Machine / Hot Lava @ Duckpin Bowling Alley (11-13-09)

Hot Lava were the first act of the night. I hadn't seen them play for over a year and was honestly quite hazy on what they sounded like. I ended up being quite satisfied with their set they played. Real fun rock n' roll being mushed with pop vocal sensibilities. Nothing super fancy but something that is definitely catchy and fun. On a side note it was kind of a shame the lack of people that were their for their set, especially since the show was the record realase for their new 7"

Hex Machine were next on the bill. It was hard for me to get into their music due to me still be stubborn with the set they put on opening for Melt-Banana back in 07 at the Satellite Ballroom (their set was espically long - made it so I missed most of Melt-Banana's set due to be a baller and having to have my mom pick me up from the show at a early given time). However even with this acknowledged silly bias their music really isn't that bad. It wasnt a ground breaking set, and heck it was even a set that felt a little out of place during the night, but it was a solid heavy rock set. Not sure if I can reccomend the band, not really my thing - but I don't hate them anymore.

After Hex Machine was Jeff The Brotherhood. Jeff The Brotherhood have been making a lot of buzz recently in the blogosphere, with the main title being dropped is that they are the best new band in Nashville. Their set started off a little bit akward with the singer compalining about how their werent enough people at the front of the stage (something that he would complain about throughtout the remainer of the set) however this sort of tension that came for this banter added to the feel of the set. This feeling of desperation coming from the show banter made their sound frantic and energetic. Basically what this band is doing is not earth shattering, but is still quite fun. Just solid in your face garage rock, nothing wrong with that.

Shonen Knife was up after that. Was really excited about their set but had a smidge of skepticism in the back of mind about how the set would go just due to being honestly kind of unware of their more recent matieral (i'm a big fan of the earlier more raw stuff they did in the 80's - BIG SHOCK) However their set was an absoulte blast of pure laser blasted fun. I havent in ages seen a band just so happy while playing their music, and not in some sort of ironic sense like so many bands out now today, just general posativity all around. Also in untypical Richmond fashion, the crowd at this show was quite energetic. Sure there was still a decent chuck of arms crossed during the show, but the chanting and various people in the audience talking in japanese (while odd) added to a real feel of camaraderie and positivity that suited a Shonen Knife show quite well. Overall probably the most fun i've had at a Duckpin show so far. Seriously to the folks at Community Chest (aka people who booked the show) keep the shows coming, you guys are kicking serious ass


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