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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vivian Girls / The Super Vacations / Invisible Hand @ Outback Lodge (10-28)

Show started off with a set from Invisible Hand. For years I have heard this bands name thrown around town, always hearing talk about how they where the best band right now in Charlottesville. Somehow or another I missed actually seeing them play (even though I had seen a connected group of theirs "Articulate Chewbacca" play who I was quite impressed by when they opened for Sunburned Hand Of The Man). Their set was full of very catchy modern rock tunes being sadly mushed by an amp that would randomly squeak (not a good lo-fi squeak - i mean l outback's speakers are probably starting to fall apart). All in all a real fun set, and hopefully The Invisible Hand will be playing my house sometime in November (more details on that once I get this whole house show thing in order)

All I had really heard about The Super Vacations before they played was that they had the drummer from Wavves. Wasn't necessarily sure what that meant about this bands music (like don't get me wrong Wavves is cool and all, but i'm gonna assume the drummer didn't have much influence in the record material from that project). Their set ended up being in the same vein of a lot of these lo-fi rock groups right now, making songs that seem to have these surfer pop mentalities in their vision. The set was fun in all but maybe its juts me but i'm starting to get a little bored about writing about this whole Lo-Fi movement (the music is good but their is just only so much I can say)

Vivian Girls came on shortly after. Their studio material has been some of the most satisfying stuff in the last couple years to come out. The combination of 60's girl group melodies being blended with punk injected rock is something that is so simple - so fun - so awesome. I was however just not sure what their live show would bring to the table (I wasn't thinking it was gonna be awful but i just had no clue what to expect). My typical worrisome tendencies where however quite unnecessarily because their set was a total blast. No unnecessary tricks, no fancy gimmicks, just a straight up real fun polished rock set. The Vivian Girls are defiantly a band that has found their place in the underground scene, and will hopefully spread their unique musical bug to more eager music fans.

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