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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black Moth Super Rainbow / Serengeti & Polyphonic @ Outback Lodge (08-04-09)

The night started out with Serengeti & Polyphonic. These guys go at their hip hop in a real interesting way in which they throw abstract hip-hop rhymes with hyper electronic beats. This combination adds a real erratic yet still coherent touch to their music that is just quite enjoyable to listen to. This set up of different mentalities only feels more dramatic in the live context. With Polyphonic twisting the beats and Serengeti flowing viciously on the lines, your heads starts to turn into mush as they go at their attack on the mic. It was a real intense way to start the night and it was a real treat to see some hip-hop in Charlottesville.

The main act of the night was "Black Moth Super Rainbow". While i've heard positive talk about this band for years, they still have been a band that I just never really got into. However with all those years of positive talk there was always the statement about how good live they are. Well once i heard that they where gonna stop in cville the likely conclusion was made to see if these guys had it in them or not.

Show started out with a real out their video intro / had a weird cameo from one of the members of tim & eric / real funny way to start a show. After that video the band got on stage an progressed into their modern age psychedelic rock shit. There live show is something that doesn't ever hit you hard, but instead floats around and makes your feet twitch and body float

Theatrics where at a high at this show. A key example of this was the main singer who was in an big foot body get up with a deformed hippie mask. He would randomly grab people and just hold onto them, and wave to the crowd after every song, these things don't seem too bad but where things that put myself out of the flow of the show / but i really don't feel like that was the intent of the band.

Overall the show was fun / I had a good time. Not sure if i have fully processed all the layers of Black Moth Super Rainbow. But it was still an enjoyable evening of music.

photo courtesy of Brian Stowell

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