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Monday, July 27, 2009


(08-03) Xrin Arms / Diamond BLack Hearted Boy @ Dust
To be honest this show might not even happen because it sounds like Xrin Arms is having car troubels. However hopefully this show will still go down because both artists on the bill for this show put on real rad sets. Xrin Arms does a hyper grindcore thing with motown intermissions that add a real erratic feel to his songs. I saw him last fall in Richmond and his set was shattering. Diamond Black Hearted Boy on the other hand puts on one of the oddest dance shows I know. In your face political mind melts with DIY laptop beats mixed in -- straight up its rad shit. /// SHOW IS CANCELED /// LAME ///

(08-04) Black Moth Super Rainbow / Serengeti & Polyphonic @ Outback Lodge (((Charlottesville)))
Really hate to be a downer / but the new Black Moth Super Rainbow is flat / just real boring. So why am I recommending this show. Well for starters from what ive heard Black Moth Super Rainbow does put on a real trip of a show. So even with this new record being kind of flat - hopefully the tight live show still exists. And 2nd the opening act Serengeti & Polyphonic is quite good. Real mind blowing abstract hip-hop. Really looking forward to see how this guys turn out live. Overall a very promising night.

(08-11) Unicorn Basement / Casy & Brian / Bermuda Triangles @ Nara Sushi
Unicorn Basement is part of that very vast DIY dance thing that has just been so big in them 2000's. Its New Wave / its Punk / its cool / u know the drill dawg. Casy & Brian are another guitar drum duo that reminds me of Japanther (not like that is bad). Bermuda Triangles rounds up the bill and are one of the better groups in richmond right now / real rad percussion added with over the top vocals (*hint hint chill out sir*)

(08-15) Japanther @ The Bike Lot
Another show where i'm not fully sure if its actually happening due to it being off their myspace (however it was stated that it was for a wedding / so maybe there try to detract freeloaders like myself from attending). Hopefully this show is still on because Japanther really does throw one of the best rock shows i've seen in quite sometime.

(08-18) Anavan @ The Triple
Not sure what to expect for this show. From the mp3's i've listened to the music seems to be real 80's galore dance revival sort of thing. However form the live clips i've seen on youtube they seem to have a real punk-ish percussion to their live show. Should be a solid way to spend a tuesday night (worst day of the week *weak*)

(08-20-08-23) BEST FRIENDS DAY 08
Go to the website / should fully sum up this richmond institution (http://www.bestfriendsday.net/)

(08-25) Geronimo / Hex Machine / Head Molt @ The Triple
LA based noise band comin' to the triple!!! / really not much more needs to be said / but then add on to the bill one of the best groups in Richmond (HEAD MOLT) and you've got yourself a very sweet show. To be honest I remember being kind of under impressed when I saw Hex Machine open for Melt-Banana a couple years back / but i'm ready to give them another chance.

(08-31) Clipse / The Cool Kids @ The National
What a line-up The National has put together. Clipse is easily the best thing to happen to hip-hop in VA. Their last album Hell Hath No Fury is up there as one of the best hip-hop records of this decade. Basically i'm quite excited to see how they throw down live. However this show also has The Cool Kids on the bill - who are one of the more interesting up in coming acts in hip-hop. The couple times ive caught them live have also been real fun and energetic shows. This one is a no-brainer *ATTEND FLY CATZ*

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