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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Passion Pit @ The National (06-08-09)

Let's be blunt - I really never had much attention of seeing Passion Pit live when they were gonna stop in Richmond. While I enjoyed toe tapping to some of the tracks of the ep relased a little whie back - I wasn't the hugest fan of the new album from these guys - and also if you know me, you already know about my ever growing have for The National. However with the prospet of hanging with friends/ getting burgers / and getting GAMEFUEL / I was convinced by my comrades to goon a trip to richmond to see Passion Pit

First act of the night was this one man drum band called "Cale Parks" Easily the best way to sum up this guy was that he is sort of like White Williams if White Williams was even more into 80's irony. It was a chill first set / nothing wow about it - but no complaints either

Next up was The Harlme Shakes. Saw these guys 2 years ago open for Deerhoof and literally walked on them to get a sandwhich. However this time with the lack of a re-entry policy at The National i was forced to see if things had progessed. While im still not a fan of this band, their live show is much more solid and now on a level of mediocrity ((IMPROVEMENT DAWG))). Also during the set their was some kid that kept drawing hearts on his I-phone and holding it up in the air to show the band his heart on for them .....................................HorseDickLame....................so wish I had got a photo of that shit.

Passion Pit was up next. While their live show had moments in which things clicked the overall show felt like a let down. Broken ideas that just dont work live - corny (emo?) expression that just felt mockable. And then with all that negative thinking of mine I had to deal with the national crowd -- worst shit ever (I love being a backboard to drunk richmonderds grinding - its so much fun). Basically the Passion Pit set wasn't bad / but it really didnt do anything for me. However my trip to richmond still felt like a succus

Now does anybody want to place bets I will never go to another show at The National (you will probably make a few quick bucks)


passion pit photo from the.air's.good.here. ----- gamefuel photo is MINE

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