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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bonnie Prince Billy @ Fry Spring's Beach Club (05-24-09)

(photo of PBR armor from Slaughterama / relevance this photo has to the show ------ 0)

I've been hearing a lot about Bonnie Prince Billy for the last coupe years, but to be honest it was something that had never fully struck me as much. It wasnt like i didn't like it / it was just something that i never really listened to. However i'm quite grateful for my my friend Parker for convicing me to join him out for his most recent show in c-ville, becuase it turned into a great night of music.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about this show is the venue itslef. Fry Spring's Beach Club really isn't a venue. Sure it has a nice area for music to be played in, but really just the idea of going to see a concert their really seems like a foreign idea. Having the show there really reminded me of those 80's teen flicks when the teenagers throw a concert in there pool / ski resort club (this is not really important to the show / but is mad dawg cool)

The oepning act was Old Calf (half of this group being Bonnie Prince Billy's brother) Music was chilling opening act folk music, but was sadly quite hard to hear due to the audience chattering over the set like crazy. Either way it was a decent opening act / by no means was i blown away / but damn have i ever seen worse.

Bonnie Prince Billy set was something I was bluntly just blown away by,There is a real rawness that flows out of him that just overtakes you and really puts a spell on you. Im not exactlly sure if his heartache is an act or completly real / but is totally something to witness live. Words really escape on how to explain his music in words / because at the end of the day hes a modern folk musician / however there is way more going on with him than just that. This man is a raw energy - and is a total freak (i mean this as a complemente / ---notadiss)

Basically if u get the opportunity to see bonnie prince billy live go for it. Seriously even if u aren't that into him I'm willing to take a bet that his live show will turn you into a fan (it worked for me / so its gonna work for other people right?)


Anonymous said...

hm, i wish i'd seen that guy when i was there (referring to the picture, not the post).

Andy Dunlap said...

the guy is my hero
i've been talking about making an armor suit like that myself for a while
but he beat me to the punch on making it