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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fucked Up / Ultra Dolphins / Order @ The Outback Lodge (01-23-09)

After a few rough starts for my first show of the year (Wu-Tang & Silk Flowers both canceling their shows) The new year was finally ready to start, and the show last night was no let-down at all

The night started off in typical Andy fashion. Got to a place that serves burgers, digest said burger, chit-chat about this and that with friends, made terrible jokes, etc, etc.

Ended up going to the venue slightly early to make sure my friend Erika would have a ticket to get into the show (probably something we didn't have to worry about due to the show being at Outback Lodge, but a sold-out show is something to always fear)

After getting said ticket, we decided to leave the venue to get some pre-gaming in, and by pre-gaming i mean going to McDonalds and drinking some soda (MADHARDCORE). While their, other friends of mine showed up / in-particular my good old friend Dennis who I was quite happy to see (I'm also quite ecstatic that starting Sunday he is going to be my next door neighbor in Richmond, its scary shit, should be tight)

After lolly gagging around McDonalds long enough we went back to the venue around the time Ultra Dolphins started their set. They were your typical Charlottesville underground rock thing, which is something that I never fully understand. Bands like them, Order & Truman Sparks are just bands that I've never gotten into. The members of the groups are real nice, and quite interesting people, but something about these bands sounds has just never struck me as much of anything (maybe i haven't been in the right frame of mind, or maybe I just don't get it). Also I missed Order play their set, I assume it was the same old/same old with them, but I could be wrong.

After a short wait Fucked Up came on. When they started playing the venue turned into a mad house. Bodies flying everywhere, people getting hit in the head by folks attempting to crowd surf, and general go time rowdiness was everywhere. Basically to appreciate a Fucked Up show, you need to bring your A-game and (party/attack) like no bodies business, because if you don't your going to be spending the attire time of the set looking for some sort of shelter (and that isn't why you pay money to go to a concert is it?)

Basically Fucked Up was quite amazing to see live. Not sure if I fully understand the punk scene yet (seems like it lives off being a dick for the sake of being a dick). Their is however a lot of great music coming from this punk/noise/experimental beast that I enjoy quite a bit, and I would consider Fucked Up to be apart of that lumping. They really have something quite great going for them right now, and if you have the chance to see them live by all means go. But if you do go, be ready to do battle.

*photo courtesy of john daniel reiss (there was no way in hell I was going to risk my camera at this show, I'm happy to see someone else took the risk)

1 comment:

Fishhook said...

That's the hairiest man I've EVA seen! Must've been something.